Running out of Internet giant mobile phone manufacturers

Chinese decision-making, dean of Mu Zhaoxi Securities Daily, said: a large number of Internet companies collectively jumped into the mobile phone industry, it is difficult to say that behind this decision, how many had long been planning a good layout. Once when, for mobile phones such as the hard goods, Internet bigwigs do not take it as their own plate dishes, however, with the explosive growth of mobile Internet, the Internet bigwigs just like a dream Partially awakened: the smart phone is not only their own food, and Road main course .

Internet development in China so far, has been basically from the melee period of the warlords into the warlord separatist stage, the major Internet companies have the only solution to the world’s main business between misfires mostly concentrated in the sideline. However, the smart phone market soared, the major Internet companies to rediscover a new virgin land, and its fertility is not under the year of the PC. Up to now, Alibaba, Baidu, 360, Netease, Shanda and other IT giants have launched or upcoming smart phone built-in products and services, the basic orientation in the range of thousand Yuan machine, it seems intentionally to avoid with the iPhone, Samsung competition.

Business models are basically on the phone hardware less money or not make money, relying on the onboard service and flow to cash, is about to apply the traditional PC model over. Tianyu, Huawei, ZTE, Changhong and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers, subject to the foreign brands to suppress the sudden the courtesy of Internet companies, naturally, is a good thing. Thus, with the cooperation of Ali Baba and the language of days, Huawei and 360 co-operation, Baidu, and Changhong . However, despite the Internet Gangster phone chiefs have been arbitrarily arranged, but the cooperation between the two sides are open, not exclusive. , Internet companies simply built-in services in certain models of mobile phones, the hardware does not display its own logo, and cell phone manufacturers to compete for eyeballs, and only after turning on the muffled to provide services, the desire after muffled fortune.

Tsinghua University, a visiting professor at the Chinese decision, dean of Mu Zhaoxi accept the Securities News interview, said: “The Internet has entered the mobile Internet era, the phone is indeed the main entrance of the mobile Internet. Several Internet companies called cried phone as front can be low-profit, do not make money or lose money, earned money of the back-office services, application money. Amazon KindleFire the front and back office business model indeed we all themselves, seems to have found a new business model, but for China people, whether to buy this account or the big question mark. a large number of Internet users, like the free, ultra-cheap, no brand on the platform how much loyalty. ” Awoken millet mobile phone a machine.

In August last year, mobile phone companies and Internet companies still carry out their duties, no problem, a limited number of co-operation also did not set off too much movement. However, from August last year, the two industries have also found that the invaders, the intruder is millet phone. The millet phone before the listing, to tempt the appetite of consumers, listing, marketing success compared to Apple, can be described as worse than. Up to now, the the millet phone shipments have more than 2 million units, the monthly revenue of over 1 billion yuan, becoming the top-selling smartphone in the domestic single models.

Millet, co-founder of Liwan Jiang said millet mobile phone sales this year expected to exceed 5 million units Single phone sold 5 million units, whether it is a concept of what? The data shows that domestic brands of single mobile phone sales over 400,000 units had been the leader. Millet phone turned out, the traditional mobile phone manufacturers feel the pressure. Millet phone to the Internet genes play to the extreme, such as word of mouth marketing, event marketing, sales of electricity providers, community interaction, and so on and so forth, and these genes are the traditional mobile phone manufacturers looking items back. The moment the traditional mobile phone manufacturers still rely on the shop channel, advertising sales, most of the profits are lost to the circulation at.

Therefore, the lowest price compared to market mobile phones, millet phone equal allocation of mobile phone, the highest configured in the same price mobile phone. In short, the 1999 millet phone, relying on the high cost before a shot that gave a slap in the face of the traditional mobile phone manufacturers steeped in the mobile phone industry for many years. In addition to the mobile phone manufacturers ashamed millet phone to Internet companies feel threatened. Millet mobile phones are equipped with meters chat, MIUI are, in fact, Internet products, millet rapid spread of mobile phones, these products most likely beyond the PC, another extension territory, to create its own rules of the game, and industrial ecology. Millet phone made her famous, so that the chairman of LEI’s reputation to a higher level, have gone far beyond its contribution to the Kingsoft.

However, this also makes as angel investors, direct station to the first-line and Internet Gangster Battle. Internet Gangster students machine dynamic The millet phone stunning debut from August last year, in December last year, Baidu joint Dell launched a price for carrying Baidu easy platform for 2999 yuan, Baidu easy phone in April this year, the the Alibaba Amagatarai launch equipped with Ali cloud OS 1499 yuan Hornet mobile phones and 699 yuan Hornets phone in early May, the chairman of Huawei Terminal Yu Chengdong 360 Chairman Zhou have been high-profile announcement, will launch carrying 360 service price for 1499 of $ 360 special for the machine, the price youth millet phone new cell phone exactly the same. May 15, Baidu once again launched cooperation with Changhong the carrying Baidu cloud services to the phone, the price of 899 yuan.

In many IT chiefs into the smart phone, Netease is the relatively low-key, before almost did not disclose the slightest wind. Therefore, when last week when outgoing the NetEase phone is about to debut, causing no small surprise the industry. It is reported that the prototype of the NetEase with a mobile phone manufacturers have completed the basic configuration for the 4.3-inch screen, 1.5G dual-core processor, priced at 1,000 yuan. NetEase head of the Securities Daily interview, declined to comment on the news.

However, Netease CEO Ding Lei just have publicly stated that,Netease attaches great importance to the opportunities of this wave of smart phone adoption in China, we very much hope that doing a good job tools, information products and the efficiency of software release In the mobile terminal. Another source said that the grand mobile phone will be officially unveiled on June 6. From the earlier exposure of a grand on the phone parameters, using the Cortex-A9 dual-core architecture, the Sharp 4.3-inch high-precision screen, with a capacity of 1930mAh battery, the price of 999 yuan or 1,199 yuan.

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