Information Technology – Information Technology Review

Information technology, abbreviated as I.T is a field of study that relates to computing technology like hardware, software, networking, the internet and other fields related to technology. Virtually all companies nowadays have an IT department that is responsible for computer management, networks and technical areas in their business. Among the areas of practice in the field of information technology are: computer programing, computer engineering, network administration, technical support, and web development.

Because we are living in an information age, information technology is becoming critical part of our daily lives and the term I.T is already becoming overused and there to stay. Information technology is nowadays becoming a general term covering all forms of technology that is used to store, exchange, create and use information in many forms. It is the use of computers as well as networking, storage and other physical infrastructure equipment, processes and infrastructure that are used to store, process, and secure all kinds of electronic data. Basically, information technology can be used in enterprise operations and not in entertainment or personal technologies.

Commercial use of information technology involves both computer technology and telephony. Information technology is a term that was coined by Harvard Business Review so as to create a distinction between machines that are purpose build and designed for purposes of limited functional scope as well as general purpose computers that are programmed for general tasks. With the evolution of the IT industry in the middle of 20 century that included integrated circuits and transistors, the field is still evolving with the emergence of new advanced technologies. Information technology hardware and software are considered as the engines of computer advancement. Information technology is composed of hardware or physical equipment, automation tools virtualization and management, and software, its operating applications and systems that are used in performance of essential functions.

User devices, software, peripherals, laptops, recording equipment and smartphones can all be included in IT domain. Information technology further refers to architectures, regulations and methodologies that govern the storage and use of electronic data. IT encompasses business applications and databases such as SQL server, webservers such as Apache, email servers such as exchange, real time order entry, and enterprise resource planning and customer relationship systems. These are applications that undertake programmed instructions aimed at manipulating dispersing and consolidating data for purposes of business.

All these are the center of IT. Careers in information technology Technical staff and administrators are deployed to manage the information technology assets and infrastructure. The IT teams depend on wide array of information and technology skills as well as knowledge that can support equipment, activities and applications. The profession of information technology is diverse and IT workers have the option of specializing in such fields as application management, software development, hardware or desktop support, storage or serve administrator and network architecture.

IT professionals often have overlapping or mixed skills. Among the common careers in information technology includes: Chief information officer: This is the individual who is responsible for computer and IT systems to support enterprise calls. Chief technology officers: This is the person who sets technology policies and goals in an organization. IT director: This is an individual who is responsible for technology process and tools; this is a person referred as IT leader and IT manager. Systems administrator: This is the individual who configures supports, manages, troubleshoots and supports computing environment. This is a role that is segmented technologically and the administrator monitors the server, network, virtualization and desktop. Application manager: This is a person who performs the role of managing and providing high-end business application like Exchange.

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